Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Le Book Design Connections, London

Its Good to Talk

Over the last few months we have realised nothing is better for getting new clients than face to face contact. Connections by Le Book was our first real networking event and one made purely for "creatives". I suppose from the start its going to be hard for a smaller studio like our own to break through based purely on the fact we dont have a 6 figure bank balance to afford our own stand. However even if we had, the very mood of Le Book was one of niche and that niche was photography. Unless you were mixing in the circles of fashion photography your footfall here was a little redundant. Yes we did meet a few graphics people and yes even a few motion based but most were phased by us trying to sell them something rather than the other way round. I would like to see this event become more diverse in its future years. However the business cards are in and the "connections" are made so maybe the next few weeks may prove me wrong.
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